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Here at Drive Shafts Unlimited we know that the heavy loads, varied driving surfaces and high torque loads that heavy duty trucks endure daily requires a driveshaft fabricated with top of the line components, careful attention to weld quality and precision balancing for a smooth ride and longer component part life.

Some of the commercial applications that see the most abuse are: box trucks, semi tractor trailers, dump trucks and heavy duty haulers.

We stock a full line of end yokes, transmission yokes, universal joints, weld yokes, OEM-heavy duty tubing and components for heavy duty trucks.

Many of the driveshaft series which are common to heavy duty trucks are: 1610, 1710, 1760 and 1810 which component parts are manufactured by various brands including Neapco, Spicer and Meritor to name a few.

Dana/Spicer manufactures the Spicer Life Series, heavy duty driveline components as follows: SPL 100, SPL 140, SPL 170 and SPL 250.

Arvin Meritor manufactures heavy duty component parts unique to the Meritor brand including: RPL 20 and the RPL 25.

Due to fatigue or lack of maintenance, heavy duty truck driveshafts can in most cases be repaired or built new utilizing top of the line component parts. At Drive Shafts Unlimited we pride ourselves in most cases one day reliable service while providing a superior quality of work.