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High tech, lightweight aluminum driveshafts are another specialty offered by Drive Shafts Unlimited. No need to worry about strength in an aluminum driveshaft...we build them tough and build them to last.

They are welded with the latest aluminum welding techniques and are high speed balanced to spec to ensure you have the smoothest running and most reliable aluminum driveshaft money can buy. Aluminum driveshafts can be modified for just about any street and racing application. Show quality vehicles utilize a highly polished custom built aluminum driveshaft to accentuate the underside of an already beautiful car.

Aluminum driveshafts are becoming more prevalent in newer vehicles and will probably be used a lot more. Some of the more common series that are available in aluminum are: 1310, 1330, 3R, 1350 and 1410. As the series gets larger in size and longer in length so does the diameter of the tube. The professionals at Drive Shaft Unlimited are trained to take all these factors into consideration to build you just the right aluminum shaft for your needs.

The Drive Shafts Unlimited aluminum drive shaft...High tech, sexy and built to run as smooth as they look.